European River Cruises

European River Cruise

Ready to Set Sail?

Ready for a dream trip to Europe with a twist? Why not see all the breathtaking cities and sights Europe has to offer from the deck of a river cruise! European river cruises have been growing in popularity in recent years and many argue that they are one of the best and most unique ways to visit Europe! In fact, the months of January through March, aka WAVE Season, are actually when all of the cruise lines offer their best deals of the year! Keep reading below to learn all about European River Cruises, one of your exclusive Owner benefits when you exchange with GPX Perks.

Perhaps you’re a history buff hoping to check out some of Europe’s incredible architecture, or maybe you’ve been dreaming of finally seeing the French countryside, whatever your perfect European vacation entails, a river cruise might just be your perfect ticket! The best part? European river cruises can be found in almost all of the most popular destinations throughout the continent. Whether it’s France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, or even Switzerland, there’s probably a river cruise to your ideal destination! See below for some popular trips and ports throughout Europe:

Sienne River Cruises
See the world-renowned Paris skyline as you descend France’s second longest river! This is probably one of the best ways to see all of France from the uplands of Burgundy to the coastlines of Normandy.

Danube River Cruises
Explore the heart of Europe and experience one of the most culturally diverse cruises in the region. While there are numerous ports of call and varying itineraries based on your cruise line, many Danube River cruises take you through some incredible stops like Austria, Germany, Hungary, Croatia and more! There are even some dedicated wine cruises with special itineraries at some of the area’s most popular vineyards!

Douro River
Spain on your mind? Why not sail through the lush countryside of both Spain and Portugal in one trip! Here you can take in all the amazing vistas the Douro River Valley has to offer. Also known as the “river of gold”, the Douro River Valley is actually a UNESCO World Heritage site!

GPX Perks and Cruises

These are just a few of the amazing European River cruises available when you book with your Savings Credits through GPX Perks! Simply deposit your week and watch as the value of your maintenance fee plus 25% will be added to your account as Savings Credits! While you can use your Savings Credits for a number of great vacation incentives like rental cars, flights, spa days, gift cards, and more; many Owners have found that cruises are one of their absolute favorite ways to spend their credits! Even better, GPX makes it easy to search cruise lines and book your trip to top destinations all over the world!

So what are you waiting for! Head on over to GPX perks today and see what kind of great cruises await you!