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Everything you need to know about Savings Credits

GPX Perks and Savings Credits FAQs

You ask, we answer with information about your Owner benefit.

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Savings Credits can be used to bring down the cost of a purchase on GPX Perks. You earn Savings Credits by depositing your use-week, exchanging a deposit, and taking advantage of special offers we send via email throughout the year – keep a lookout in your inbox.

You can bring down the cost by spending your Savings Credits on Rental Cars, Tours, Hotels, Cruises, and also Gift Cards – which are great if you aren’t planning to travel.

There is something for everyone in GPX Perks, from Sporting Goods Stores to Restaurants to the endless Amazon Marketplace.

Just to name a few:

Bass Pro Shop
Bed Bath & Beyond
California Pizza Kitchen
Spa Finder

*List is current as of 3/1/21. These brands are not affiliated with GPX. Gift Cards valid for US residents only, not valid with a non US address. 

We’re so excited about this new Owner benefit and want to make sure you have Savings Credits to get you started right away. The $250 Savings Credits offer is a limited-time only, one-time introductory offer from us to you! Simply go to GPX Perks, and we’ll automatically add the Savings Credits to your account.

Yes! You can gift your Savings Credits or use them to lower the cost of a purchase for someone else.

Yes! Simply exchange that deposit for Savings Credits. This is a great option if your deposit is about to expire, and you aren’t ready to travel. This option is a no-cost exchange. Your deposit gets exchanged for Savings Credits, which come with no transaction fees—win, win!

The amount of awarded Savings Credits is 2 times the Maintenance Fee amount for the week deposited based on the current year, not the year of the deposited use-week.

Taxes and/or membership fees are not included in the calculation.

Deposit-to-Savings-Credits Calculation Example: Assessments and Reserves portion of the Maintenance Fee total $1,093. We multiply $1,093 x 2 for a value of $2,186 Savings Credits.

Sorry. At this time, only a week at resort managed by Grand Pacific Resorts may be deposited for exchange into Savings Credits.

Yes. Plus, we’ll double it! For example, if you have a $50 monetary credit with GPX, we’ll convert it to $100 in Savings Credits.

Savings Credits are good up to one (1) year.

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