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A request to convert a week Deposited to GPX Perks Savings Credits is pending confirmation that the Maintenance Fee for the week deposited is paid in full. The amount of Savings Credits awarded is 1.25 times the amount of the Maintenance Fee of the week deposited based on the current year, not the year of the use-week deposited, taxes and/or membership fees are not included in the calculation.

Deposit to Savings Credits Calculation: In this example, the Assessments and Reserves portion of the Maintenance Fee total $1,093. We multiply $1,093 x 1.25 for a value of 1,367 Savings Credits.

A request to convert a week deposit to Savings Credits, and the issuance of the Savings Credits, cannot be cancelled or reversed. Savings Credits can be used on the GPX Perks Platform to book for family and friends.

All transactions are final. Upon confirmation of the request, the Savings Credits will be deposited into your account within 72 hours. Savings Credits expire 1 year from the date issued.


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