Share Your Benefits With Your Friends and Family

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With GPX, we’ve made it easier than ever to find your dream vacation! One of the most important parts of traveling is connecting with friends and family. Year after year, Owners just like you enjoy all the perks of GPX, including sharing their benefits with their friends and family! In fact, many Owners end up passing down their Ownership to their loved ones, ensuring that their special home away from home remains a part of their family’s history for years to come. Keep reading below to learn all the ways GPX can help you share your time away with your loved ones!

Change Your Reservation Details:

Hey, we get it! Sometimes life gets in the way and that trip you’ve been waiting for will have to wait for another day. While GPX makes it easy and convenient to deposit your week into all sorts of great perks and benefits, Owners often elect to transfer their week to friends or family! The process is simple! For already existing reservations, just call a GPR Vacation Specialist at (866) 325-6295, who will walk you through a quick process to change the guest information on your reservation (note a $69 fee will be applied).

Gift a Week!

Wanting to gift your week? At, we make it easy to book an exchange week for your loved ones. Step one, search and find the available week you’d like to book through the GPX search feature. Next, deposit your week with GPX. From here, just follow the prompts on the booking page and be sure to select “Update Guest Information” (note a $69 fee will be applied at checkout). 

Did we mention you can also do this with rental weeks? That’s right! Using the GPX search feature you can easily gift a rental week to your friends and family at exclusive members-only rates! Just follow a similar process by selecting the available rental week you’d like to book, select update guest information at check out, and wah-la! 

Don’t Forget about Perks!

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Last but not least are Perks and Savings Credits, a members-only benefit from GPX! Quickly and easily turn your deposited week into Saving Credits, worth 2x the dollar value of your maintenance week. Use your Saving Credits to book hotels and cruises around the world and even use them to pay down the cost of future travel purchases! Not planning on using your Savings Credits this year? No problem! Savings credits can quickly and easily be gifted to friends and family through GPX!

Explore GPX Today:

Remember, vacations are for time together. With GPX, there’s never been more ways to share the gift of travel with the ones you love. From sharing Savings Credits to transferring your week, you can rest assured knowing your vacation time will be well spent by the ones you care for the most!